Wears like Leather, without the Animal.

$99 Shoes sitewide, in spirit of Project Ninety-nine.

The Next Generation of Vegan Shoes are coming.

We're Building A New Chapter.

Building the Future of Vegan Footwear

We're re-inventing our vegan leather shoes to offer more durability, comfort and sustainability by 2022.

This is why we launched Project Ninety-Nine, an effort to go against industry norms of burning, shredding and thowing away older seasoned clothes that are brand new and unused.

Our shoes are now $99 site wide to fund our future plans. To learn more about how we're building the next generation of sustainable shoes, click here.

What Our Customers Think

Our solution to wearing leather.

There are unique advantages that our vegan leather offers that make your daily life more comfortable.

Our vegan shoes will bring you:

Comfort from the start.

Say goodbye to breaking-in your leather boots for a month. Our vegan leather comes malleable from the very start. We also include more cushioned insoles in each pair of shoes.

Guaranteed not to crack or peel.

Remember when you bought that pleather jacket and it started peeling off? Now, this is a problem of the past. We guarantee that our vegan leather won't crack or peel for a minimum of 10 years, or your money back.

Peace of Mind

Whether you're out in public or dressing for your job, you can walk with confidence knowing that you put your most ethical self forward.