How I got my friend to go vegan

How I got my friend to go vegan

As a vegan of 4 years and a vegetarian since birth (parents were asian hippies), I understand the burning desire to want our loved ones to go vegan.

It's a sign of love. We care too much.

This desire is especially strong when you first go vegan. The urge to shout from rooftops about your recent enlightenment is overwhelming.

You're woke.

The problem is that it can come off as...intense. Maybe even a little difficult to reason with.

In my case, I actually successfully converted a close friend to fully adopt the vegan lifestyle.

Want to know how I convinced him?

I didn't.

He made the change himself three years into our friendship after getting to know me, observing my habits and listening to my experiences.

What's funny is that I remember him being stubborn as all hell when we met in the Marketing Club at Cal State Fullerton. His way of living life was the only way to live.

But my form of activism is silent.

It's a form of activism that stimulates taste more than it does ears.

And that's because if you and I become friends, my goal is to:

1) Plant new ideas and approaches of thinking


2) Introduce you to a more colorful life experience through food, culture and personal experiences. But mainly food.

It's also important to mention that in the three years leading up to this change, there wasn't a single instance I asked him to go vegan.

Not once.

In my experience, you can never change people.

In fact, being persistent can often push people away when they haven't found a compelling reason to change for themselves.

I knew that if I just respected his culture and way of life, there was still an opportunity for him to make the leap himself.

My plan was simple:

Live my best vegan life & invite him to the best vegan food spots LA has to offer.

Today, I'm proud to say he recently passed one year since going vegan and doesn't plan on going back.

Of course, this is just one man's opinion.

Frey Chu

Owner, Tastemaker Supply