Product Info & Sizing

Q: Are your all of your products vegan?

A: Yes! We only sell 100% vegan products that includes our shoes and belts.


Q: I don't see my size. Are you going to carry bigger or smaller sizes?

A: Hello! We're sorry we've missed your size and are aware this is total disappointment on your end. As our business expands, we're planning on expanding our size selections. This is an issue we're closely monitoring and we hope to have up to three whole shoe sizes larger for our women's collection by Fall 2018.

If there's a specific shoe style you'd like us to carry in larger sizes, let us know by taking a minute to take our 3 question survey.


Q: Do all your shoes fit true to size? How can I select the correct sizing?

A: Nope! Our shoe sizes vary depending on which style you choose. We achieve our product quality by working with 6 different specialized shoe factories, all of which that all have minor differences when it comes to sizing.

To make sure you choose the correct size, we highly recommend you follow the "Sizing Recommendation" in the description of each shoe's product page. Here we will advise you whether to order one size up or down. 


Q: What material(s) do you use to achieve your "vegan" leather and suede? 

A: All our products use the same high-performance microfiber with a PU coating. Our vegan suede can be referred to as microsuede. Our vegan leather and suede is sourced from vendors located all over the world that offer highest quality microsuede that matches the quality of vegan fabrics only found in Italy and Portugal. All these are synthetic, man-made leathers.


Q: Isn't your vegan leather a man-made material? Isn't this bad for the environment?

A: Yes, the microfiber we use is man-made and has it's own issues with affecting the environment. Our strategy is to make a remarkable product that will allow the general public to slowly reduce (and eventually completely eliminate) the need to use real leather products, which have the greatest negative consequences on the environment. Change won't happen overnight, but we intend on leading by example and focusing on tackling one issue at a time.


To learn how synthetic leathers are more eco-friendly in terms of water usage, eutrophication, and global warming compared to cow leathers, please see the "Pulse of the Fashion Industry" published in 2017 by the Copenhagen Fashion Summit (pg. 75-77).


Q: Where are your products made?

A: All of our shoes are made in Taiwan, where we work with 6 individual factories that specialize in their respective shoe styles (Women's heels, men's boots, etc.). Our belts are manufactured in China, where we ship our high grade microfiber to them to ensure quality.


Q: How do I take care and maintain my vegan leather or suede shoes so that they will last long?

A: For your vegan leather, or microfiber, shoes, you can simply use a damp cloth to wipe away any dirt on the upper part of the shoe. To remove stains, use a brush with bristles to lightly clean the dirty area. Remember, your vegan leather shoes are made of a durable microfiber that makes it water-resistant and scratch-resistant. As long as you're not too aggressive in cleaning, you should not damage your shoes. For vegan suede, or microsuede, use a dry brush with bristles to wipe away any dirt.



Q: I can't checkout! I've added my items to the cart, but I can't get to payment options OR when I fill out the payment options, my payment won't go through. Help!

A: We're sorry you're running into issues! First, we need to check your browser. Are you using Internet Explorer? If you answered yes, you will need to switch to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari (Mac). Our software currently experiences issues during checkout when working with Internet Explorer.

You can download these browsers and their latest versions below:

DOWNLOAD: Google Chrome Desktop (For Apple & Windows)

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DOWNLOAD: Apple Safari (Latest Version for Apple Mac Users)

Once you have installed your new browser (one of the three above), try to perform the same actions on our website again. If you're still experiencing issues, please get in touch with our Contact Form to provide us with more details of your issue. 


Q: Can I purchase a gift card or gift certificate?

A: Currently, we do not offer any gift cards or gift certificates.


Q: Do you offer Live Chat support?

A: Not currently! We're a small team right now, but we do intend on providing Live Chat support in within a few months to cater to your needs quicker and more efficiently.


Q: The item I want is out of stock. What do I do now?

A: We're sorry you missed out this time. Once an item is out of stock, we're usually in the process of re-ordering more. This process can be lengthy to ensure that the highest quality shoes will end up in your hands. For this reason, please allow at least 4 months for this style to re-stock. Subscribe to our email newsletter and follow us on social media @tastemakersupply to receive the quickest updates.


Q: What types of payment options do you accept?

A: We accept all major credit cards and Paypal. 



Q: I own a retail store and I'm interested in carrying your vegan leather products. Are you currently open to beginning a wholesale/retail relationship? 

A: We're flattered by your interest in our products! Unfortunately, we plan on remaining a private label, as our inventory is limited for each style. If you're interested in buying our vegan products in bulk to re-sell in your store, please email bear@tastemakerapparel.com and we will keep your inquiry for when we're prepared to fulfill larger orders.


Q: We should partner up for a product collaboration! Are you open to this?

A: That's awesome! We're happy to hear you want to collaborate with us. Please email us at bear@tastemakerapparel.com and we can get get the conversation going. We always like to keep an open mind.


Q: I'm a social media influencer that promotes the vegan lifestyle and healthy living. Are you open to sponsoring me?

A: Absolutely! But, first shoot us an email at bear@tastemakerapparel.com and we'll determine if we're a compatible match. We're always happy to pay attention to opportunities that can help spread the vegan lifestyle.


Q: I want to work with you! Do you have any job openings available? How can I apply?

A: We're happy you want to work with us! We're definitely interested in bringing on individuals that share our passion for the vegan lifestyle. To check for any available job opportunities and learn how to apply, please visit our Careers page.