Why Vegan?

We believe vegan leather is an environmental-friendly alternative to animal leathers that prevent the unnecessary suffering of animals while offering the highest levels of comfort and quality.

Environmental and Fashionable

Why do we need to choose between being fashionable and being environmental? We believe everyone deserves an option that will give you both. Today, the production of animal leathers are highly impacting the health of the environment through pollution-filled industry practices involved in the way that animals are raised in farms. We’ve created a collection of products that uses 100% vegan leather that looks, feels and wears like animal leather, without the negative environmental consequences of producing it.

Durable, Comfortable, and 100% Vegan

To challenge the perception that vegan leather isn’t as durable, comfortable or aesthetically pleasing as animal leathers, we’ve sourced the highest quality of vegan leather that is available. While there’s a lot of cheap feeling vegan leather products in the market today, we opted for high-quality microfiber that has a more technologically-refined process that results in a vegan leather that’s water-resistant, scratch-resistant, breathable and lightweight. We’ve created vegan leather products that apply modern design aesthetics and high standards of comfort to redefine the standards of ethics and fabrics in fashion today. We hope to give everyone the opportunity to look great and dress in a way that promotes the ideas of preserving our personal health, the environment’s health and the lives of animals.